Technically yes but the signs don’t appear typically between the ages of 3 months and 1 year.

No it is a genetic mutation which means is including in her body makeup.

Besides seizures, Dravet Syndrome has done the most damage to Taylen’s Speech and Communication. Taylen is blessed to have a voice and can pronounce and say anything BUT the problem lies with conversing. She knows all the words but struggles to put them together to express a thought.

Yes, Taylen is in a full time special education classroom. She is taught academics as well as life skills. In this classroom she also receives physical, speech, behavior and occupational therapies. She also spends time with regular education students daily which is very important.

While most children notice Taylen’s difference right away, Taylen has been blessed to be around children who are caring, kind and respectful. Those who aren’t just simply leave her be. Overall, most children gravitate to her because of her bubbly and happy spirit. She makes friends very easily.

Although Taylen shares many similar traits as an autistic child, she has been tested and NOT been diagnosed with autism.

Our family understands Taylen’s condition inside and out. Everyone shows compassion and is very loving. That’s where she gets it from!